Chef Colin Gillon

The unique concept of Villa Gan Oranim and the union of the senses to each element of the kitchen could not allow anyone other than the chief Colin Gillon to join Villa Gan Oranim.
When we speak about Colin nothing is standardized - each menu is designed and optimized for the character of the place, the customer, season, time and reason for the event.
From the perspective of Chef Colin we taste every dish not only with the taste but using all five senses. So the experience can be complete and luxurious in every way.
Chef Colin uses a unique talent to achieve the designed and desired menu while maintaining visual harmony, combining flavors, variety and pleasure between courses.
Everything seems to become piece of art combining surprise, curiosity and greatness.

 According to Colin:

"For the great event of each person / or company there is only one chance to create the perfect atmosphere. I'm a chef for 20 years and every event (regardless of the type or size) I'm excited and getting ready to re-fill the wishes of customers from small to big all the way"