Private Events

Each one dreams about how he wants his event to looks like. “The event where he will put all his heart.” For some of us the event should be bright and prestigious while for others it must be humble and simple.
We, at the Villa, insist that this is your event. Exactly as you want. In order to realize your dream and make your event the one that you always wanted.
The different areas of Villa, the garden and the room were built in a modular way which allows to arrange it in various ways. The lighting, sound and multimedia are under control and thus form the base that will create the good atmosphere of the event as well as the unique characteristics of your event.
At each step of planning your event, we let you choose the design you want for the room. At this stage, in order to carefully plan your event, we will ask you if you are planning something special and different for your event and how we can help you realize your dream.