Business Events

At Villa Gan Oranim, there is a special attention to business events from the understanding of the concept and the needs of companies and / or brands through direct encounter between the people being carried out within the framework of experiential exciting event.
To do this, we open a path that allows companies and producers to obtain a complete solution to all needs, including creative culinary components, the design of service, the atmosphere that is necessary, odors, and other musical element.
The Five Senses concept takes a different form according to information, components provided by the company / producer and what he seeks to achieve the goal.
The right mix, the balance between the elements and the combination between them allows to obtain a harmonious and full experience.
Villa Gan Oranim can arrange event around 540 people seated at a table and about 1,000 people for cocktails. The place has all the required standards and approvals.
Business event is different from a private event but also different from another business event. We allow for any occasion at the Villa to live apart, adapting itself to the requirements of the event and its purpose.
We established the infrastructure of the villa for various technological which allows us to match the local needs of the event. Character of the event is determined in accordance with the purpose of business and its needs. There are business events such as corporate events often characterized by speeches, lectures and performances sometimes meeting with artists. On the other hand there are events such as launch events, or fundraiser whose character can be determined like cocktail parties and compliance.
Various infrastructures at the Villa allow creating a variety of types of events at the place itself. At the Villa we offer different menus for the business events which you can choose the best for you. The success of the business event also lies in adapting rather than the content of the event. So, if you want to select an impressive place that isn’t a close room, and also that is located in a central location, we are here for you.