The Villa Gan Oranim renews itself

The Enchanted event Garden in the heart of bustling Tel Aviv allows easy access and ease of getting to the meeting place on the one hand and private and secluded atmosphere on the other. The place combines rich fertile garden and greenery but also a closed and modular design room.  It can be used for various types of events and topics and can be adapted to any type of event and a large number of audiences

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The place capacities allow each customer to realize their dreams and desires. Business Events will be unique, and will adapt the colors of a brand and content, with culinary menu suitable for the type of event and audience.  There is a team of skilled professionals who have years of experiences that allows control of all details of the event, accurate support and tailored to each customer complete satisfaction and the desire to return of additional events in the future.

The ‘very’ best

The Villa Gan Oranim is a banquet hall in the heart of the most desirable and magical city of Israel -Tel Aviv- the city that never sleeps. The garden allows each and every one of us to experience the magical nature, space, color, senses’ excitation starting from the first “a” step and carefully submit you the best through the gates.. The conception and design of the garden has been carefully thought – the audience’s flow, materials, environmental development and space planning.

The Villa will adapt each element using the maximum flexibility to match any desired event with an unprecedented harmony. The motto that led our plans was THE BEST OR NOTHING - This statement grants to fulfill the dream of each and every one concerning each parts of a private or corporate event. There is an emphasis on striving the best that requires us to listen, to learn, to feel, to express and create by combining the elements to form the character “and story” of an event.

The Five Senses

Our approach on planning event is based on a five sense- relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, a vast area in the heart of the bustling city of Tel Aviv which allows a pastoral view of the garden and the great room, both of them allow the richness of the landscape and makes you want to walk, take a deep breath and feel different. Side of the space and colors tailored to each event type, the nature of the throng and preferences, composed palate celebration. Culinary experience prepared by Chef Colin Gillon and the pastry Chef Yossi Bulgro house is memorable. The sense of hearing is also part of the experience. The space is planned for an impressive acoustics that allows sounds to penetrate the soul. Alongside these uses of quality and pleasant materials to the touch ensure maximum convenience and comfort of the guest. The aroma-rich air smells from the wonderful garden makes that every human being cannot resist: the smell of nature, freshness and renewal.

God is in the details

 When planning an event every breath is important, every detail, every single need has been thought, and especially how everything will integrate the entire event. Element of the five senses outlines the work piece so that we can reach the construction of a perfect picture, it’s a task that has been checked many times by our professionals and especially the guidance of conductor that produces the event and check that all the little details fit perfectly. Accuracy of making wonderful things, synchronization between the desire of the customer, whereby constructed concept, colors, smells, space planning, menu, musical structure, lighting and more... All these have been fit together in a universal language in order to create the perfect picture. We breathe it ... and you are invited to experience.

Our story

The story of the villa began several years ago when the owners of "Green House" - Habayit Hayarok- travelled to Europe and fell in love with European architecture, classic design and of course the delightful food that enchants the senses of southern France and Italy. Desire to revive the experiences in one place back to Israel has become their mission and purpose - the villa is the embodiment of a dream that became a reality.